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How do central banks operate? Who runs them? Why are they private according to the 9th District Federal Court? Why did Thomas Jefferson hate them so much? Why did President Andrew Jackson throw the Centrals out? How did the centrals finally return in 1913 and why did the centrals impose the graduated income tax on the US along with the IRS and a host of other Marxist ideas in 1913?


Why are Karl Marx’s ideas copied into our present financial system, word for word? And why are the Occupy Wall Street crowd attacked as Marxists, even by the conservative media? These and other vexing questions are answered in a panoramic view of the battle between Judaeo/Christian values and precepts, as contained in the Constitution; and those forces of Weishaupt, Marx and their intellectual progeny, Alinsky and the modern Left.

How that battle has been fought year by year, event by event, is shown with original documents, analysis and unsparing commentary along the way, leading ultimately to our present predicament.


A $58,000 debt on every person in the US, owed to someone out there… Did I vote for this?  The new book by Thomas M. Cole shows the beginning of Central Banks and how they immediately began influencing the politics of Europe and later America.   Attacks, retreats, wars, elections, nations falling and nations standing up to the power of the Central Banks. It’s all covered here in 200 Years of Central Banks.





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